Sunday, December 11, 2011

Plebware's Official Blogger Site now Open

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  3. Plebware Dictionary Terms For January 2012
    PlebMoto - Plebware Motto namely:"The Keyboard is mightier than the Pen."
    PlebTerms - Plebware Specific Words and phrases
    PlebNotions - Plebware Ideas and Philosophies. Hardware Related ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    PlebPad - Plebware Enhanced Apple IPad
    PlebTop - Plebware Enhanced Desktop Computer
    PlebBook - Plebware Enhanced Notebook or Laptop Computer
    PlebStick - Plebware Enhanced Flash Drive or Memory Stick Plebware Related
    Plebware - The Biological Component Of the computing Triangle;
    Typically any Computer User or operator.
    PlebBase - Plebware member's Database
    Plebie - Plebware's own term for newbie (New inexperienced User)
    PlebMote (Singular)
    PlebMotion (Plural) - Plebware Promotion and Member Self Promotion System.