Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Technology For Christians

The Christian in the technology age, has at their disposal a plethora of new mission tools, which can be used for evangelism, and evangelical follow ups, sadly most modern day Christians are wary of the Internet and tend to shy away from technology.

The small percentage that do want to use the Internet, are limited due to lack of knowledge, and end up under-utilizing technology due to lack of knowledge and ignorance.

#“Plebware” is dedicated to help bring a solution to this problem, by #“providing free Christian Resources to the Christian masses”. The Plebware Blog is just one place where such free information will be put out there.

The Basics – Series

Often Overlooked Easy To Implement Actions Anyone Can Implement

E-Mail Signatures
Just about everyone, has a gmail, yahoo or msn e-mail account.
The e-mail accounts all support customized, e-mail signatures.

E-Mail Signatures - To Do!

  • Add Link to Your Website and Blog
  • Promote your Product catalog by providing the link
  • Add a personalized Greeting

E-Mail Signatures - Not To Do!

  • Make it too long
  • add third party products or services

Here is an example signature – I use

Shalom – Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Yours sincerely
Otto Brinkmeier

Web: www.plebware.com the home of free Christian resources

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