Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sustaining A Successful Website

1. The Art Of Sustaining A Successful Website.

You have no choice – to succeed online, you have to go professional.
You need to develop a website that serves the specific needs of your visitors.
Presented in a manner that is easy to understand, providing fast access,
yet still being, user friendly at the same time.
At first glance this task sounds easy enough to do. Right? - WRONG!

If you are planning to create the website yourself, you might have a problem?
– no matter, even if you are leaving the task to professionals, it will be hard.
Even if you get the best team of experts that money can buy, it will be hard.
It must be stressed, that unfortunately:
There is no one thing, that is going to make your website a success.”
No! it is a multitude of different factors, that make a successful website.
The only advice I am going to give you time and again is that:
You will need a comprehensive plan, drawn up by yourself, not an outsider.
One of my Online Mentors Said “If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail”
Here is a Check list that should be used to evaluate or plan your website
I have tried to put the points down in Chronological order – That is:
The first steps needed followed by the next and so forth…

Before Getting Hosting You need to think out a domain name
That's why:
Create A Memorable Domain and Choose A Smart Domain appear before:
Get Quality Website Hosting and so forth.

It is difficult to create an absolute order:
As different types of web sites have different needs

This said I have tried to create create a logical flow that:
Should work for most site owners…

To Your Successful site creation

Sincerely Yours
Otto Brinkmeier (Founder www.plebware.com )
Jullian De Villiers (Co Founder www.plebware.com )
Otto Brinkmeier JB De Villiers
Shalom – Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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