Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Brief History Of Plebware

A Brief History Of Plebware

2016 sees some new changes to Plebware, firstly we are planning a major overhaul to our servers.
Which means a lot of Plebware resources will be moved around and might get lost as we stream line the site structure.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you...
This is not intentional but has to be done to comply with new net standards...
However our commitment to helping people continues...

Plebware has been online since 1999, had undergone three changes:
  •         Otronic Enterprises 1999 - 2003,
  •         0tronix Developments 2003 - 2010,
  •         Plebware 2006 - present.
However our commitment to the Internet user has only grown stronger...
In addition to serving common Internet Users,
2011 saw Plebware Partner with Christway Religious and Social Services, Caring for People In Our Local Community
2015 saw Plebware become an Online Christian Resource Center, for the Christian Community.

2016 will also see Plebware Partner Up With Eagone Innovations, with the goal of:
  •  Collaborating together with Importers and exporters from around the globe.
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